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Film Brighton: a short description and Red Rock Entertainment testimonials


In the new film, beautiful British actors played Dinah, Derek, Doreen, and Dave. The story follows older couples arriving at Brighton after 40 years with memories of their turbulent youth. Derek and Dave return to the seaside city, which brings back memories of the 1950s when they were a couple of boyish teenagers. They loved to throw parties and spend their days thinking nothing.

Doreen and Dinah leave London in search of a sense of independence. The couples walk in a cottage town that has changed a lot over the years. This is not the same Brighton they left-back in the last century. They think back to the old days and try to embrace the changes that have occurred to them and society. Those rock and roll teenagers from the past still live in them. The film raises topical issues of class intolerance, sexual orientation, which have not yet been eradicated in modern British society. Heroes will survive the full range of positive and negative emotions, and some may have to repent for past wrongs.

The film will make you smile and think about the eternal themes that tore the main characters’ minds and will always be relevant. Here you are also welcome to watch interviews with actors and Red Rock Entertainment testimonials.

Friday, 18 June 2021

According to Red Rock Entertainment review, the film "Louisa" will be shown at the Seattle Film Festival in February 2021


The film has been featured at the Santa Fe Film Festival in October 2020. Some tabloids say the film has already been shown in New York City, but there is no corroborating information.

"Louisa" has also been shown at the Russian Children’s Film Festival. The audience welcomed it, and since November, the film has been waiting for awards. Some sources state the latest children’s film festival was held in India.

The September 2020 posters of the “Louisa” are still available online.

Red Rock Entertainment review shares information you should know about the children’s animated film screened in 2020. The previously shown trailer is not provided in high quality, and the music used in it should not be used for commercial purposes.

You can see the new trailer here: . Ken Blakey, the film’s animator, shared four shots of a music animated film  "Louisa - An Amazing Adventure".

The family film tells of the courage of ordinary people. It describes the events of 1899 when one of the worst storms erupted. The lifeboat heroically saved the lives of strangers.

Production Companies: Red Rock Entertainment & Lipsync Productions / Great British Entertainment / CK Films.

Editor: R. Hall.

Co-Directors: D. Reynolds, S. Cookson.

Story & Screenwriter: A. J Tyson.

Voice Script: M. Reynolds.

Voice of M. Crocombe: C. Imrie.

Producer: D. Reynolds.

Animation Director: GB Entertainment.

Executive Producers: A. Desai,  S. Cookson, R. Small & M. Reynolds, G. Collins,  M. Barker.

Co-Producers:   P. Keegan, G. Barnett R. Meyers, and S. Cookson.

The song "The Lynmouth Lifeboat" performed by the Hearts of Oak folk group (Leader Ian Hudson) sounds over titles.

The musical theme "The Louisa Suite" was written by T. Dunham.

Music composition over the end titles "In Your Arms" by E. Grant, created by M. McDermott. The song is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The film "Louisa: An Amazing Adventure" (2020) participates in British and international film festivals to promote its release.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Red Rock Entertainment reviews recent doc sector filming renaissance

Documentaries are becoming increasingly trendy. Experts from the UK film finance company Red Rock Entertainment share their insights on real-life stories and documentaries rediscovery. 

Documentary producers benefit from pandemic conditions. Closed cinemas due to COID 19 lead to the virtual cinema rise. Scarce funding, complicated shooting conditions, and a lack of showy physical screenings are no novelty for doc moviemakers. 

Moreover, overwhelming and touching real-life stories are often as dramatic as anything that fantasy could picture. 

According to the Red Rock Entertainment review, audience demand for real-life stories continues to grow, a more significant number of films are becoming based on real-life events. The growing number of platforms facilitates money making for documentary makers out of feature docs. 

Not only Red Rock entertainment reviews prove this point, MarketWatch provided an explicit on how the documentary film market boosted worldwide and described some recent related developments and technological platforms. Netflix, in particular, shaped the documentary realm. They create many feature documentaries and premium documentary series. Apple TV Plus, Discovery Plus, Nat Geo and HBO are also not falling behind.

Apart from that, there's another noteworthy documentary service, Sky Documentaries. This is a new British pay television channel that shows real-life stories from award-winning filmmakers.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

British stunt performers in new documentary by Red Rock Entertainment

Remember stunts from Indiana Jones, Superman, and James Bond Hollywood Bulldogs film sheds light on the story of British stunt performers who dominated Hollywood in the 1970s and 80s. Stunt performers that managed to turn stunt work into a legitimate profession.

The documentary includes several renowned professionals, including Vic Armstrong and Rocky Taylor, who represented Bond.

The film was made at the world-famous Elstree Studios. Many legendary producers and directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock, chose it for their masterpieces. Such iconic names as the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, Superman, Moby Dick originated from Elstree.

This documentary belongs to the Red Rock Entertainment film finance company. 

They offer a complete set of opportunities to investors, including SEIS and EIS tax relief, private equity, and distribution schemes. Red Rock Entertainment primarily works on independent film and TV projects at an advanced stage and is looking for the final tranche of financing. 

Principal producers, actors, directors, and other executives gladly post their impressions about positive cooperation results. Their Red Rock Entertainment reviews demonstrate confidence in this company, describe appreciation and pleasure. Every Red Rock Entertainment review from the press highlights news on the film finance company's progress and their role in the UK film industry.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Film industry during the coronavirus

Halted film productions, closed cinemas. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has been disastrous and wide-ranging. More than half of film production companies and projects have been suspended or closed.

Despite such a financial crisis in the film industry, Red Rock Entertainment remains strong. It continues its way to success. During COVID-19, Red Rock Entertainment Ltd managed to win Film Finance Company Of The Year 2020.

Innovation and Excellence Awards Guide 2020 chose this finance company as the winner because this film finance company really made a difference this year. A significant part in this achievement played Red Rock Entertainment reviews from those who cooperated with the company. They proved that Red Rock delivers reliable and meaningful results in their work.

Admittedly, Red Rock Entertainment recognizes the increased demand for entertainment caused by the pandemic and lockdown. Rock Entertainment is currently involved in about 50 film and television projects and plans more in the nearest future.

Investing in film is an excellent way to get profits. Searching for such opportunities, one should collect intel on the company and pay special attention to testimonials. Whatever Red Rock Entertainment review one can find, the company is endorsed by the major producers, actors, directors, and other executives.

Friday, 19 February 2021

Red Rock Entertainment testimonials about Dinard Film Festival and the Marbella Film Festival in Spain

"Red Rock Entertainment attended the Dinard Film Festival (a British film festival on the coast of France) and the Marbella Film Festival in Spain. The film investment company representatives were promoting their upcoming film, Brighton. 

At these events, film investors have the rare opportunity to meet Brighton and Ria’s cast and crew. At Brighton’s screening, investors can meet with stars Phil Davis, Lesley Sharp, Larry Lamb, and Marion Bailey. As for Ria, investors could meet stars Luke Goss, Dean Cain, Amar Adatia, Jess Impiazzi, Charlie Clapham, and Kimberly Wyatt" - reviews.

Monday, 15 February 2021

Red Rock Entertainment reports on a successful 2020

Red Rock Entertainment film investment company is one of the most impressive among the UK's entire industry. 


In the year of restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Red Rock Entertainment received Carbon Neutral Plus. They won Film Finance company of the year by the Innovation and Excellence Awards Guide 2020. All this happening since 2019, when its Executive Producer Gary Collins was awarded top CEO of the year for London. Of course, Red Rock Entertainment will not stop here. Gary Collins promises that Red Rock Entertainment has many more things to work on in 2021 and expects this year to be exciting and thriving simultaneously.


To date, Red Rock Entertainment has been involved in approx. 50 film and television projects. A huge success, biographical romantic drama film about a British poet Robert Graves, The Laureate is finished filming is ready to be released in 2021. The following documentaries, Never Forget Tibet, Hollywood Bulldogs (The rise and falls of the Great British Stuntmen) have already been completed in 2021 with The World at Risk, due to be completed later this year.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Adjoa Andoh: from "Brighton" to "Bridgerton"


Fans are wild about Lady Danbury from "Bridgerton", fifth-largest show on Netflix. These drama series represent the life of high-society families in Regency-era London. Sharp-tongued, insightful and fun widowed duchess is played by Adjoa Andoh, a celebrated stage actress known to TV and film audiences.


Based on the bestselling novels by Julia Quinn and produced by Shonda Rhimes, "Bridgerton" has brought Adjoa Andoh millions of admirers. While the fans are waiting for the second season of the historical drama, let's go over another film where Adjoa played Alice.


Created by Red Rock Entertainment and Stephen Cookson, "Brighton" represents the divide between the middle and working classes on Brighton's typical day during the mid-1980s. Two couples travel to the seaside to enjoy the beach but, in fact, observe how Brighton and its society has changed.


"Brighton" director Stephen Cookson reflects on this enjoyable experience in the Red Rock Entertainment reviews page on this film investment company's website.

Monday, 18 January 2021

The experience behind Red Rock Entertainment reviews


Red Rock Entertainment is a London-based film investment company. Proficient in the filming environment, this company helps to implement breakthrough investment projects.

The success is in the titles' quality on Red Rock Entertainment’s fast-growing list of prominent actors. In the last year alone, they have had 11 film and television projects given the green light.

Many Independent reviews on the internet and Red Rock Entertainment testimonials on their website prove they are reliable, proactive, creative, and easy-going. Practically in each Red Rock Entertainment review they post, producers, directors, and executives sh

Tuesday, 1 December 2020


Red Rock Entertainment is a film financing company that has been navigating the waves of the investment world for years. Such an extensive and broad experience allows Gary Collins, as the founder and the head of this investment machine, to give accurate tips on investing in your next project. The tips in this article are universal and do not directly touch the field of film investment. So whether you are planning to support a startup or get into independent filmmaking, these tips are for you!

Film Brighton: a short description and Red Rock Entertainment testimonials

  In the new film, beautiful British actors played Dinah, Derek, Doreen, and Dave. The story follows older couples arriving at Brighton afte...